Problem solving with a Vox Phantom

Anyone with multiple instruments is more than likely guilty of having a favourite, whether it be a 70s Telecaster, or a 19th century viola. For the lesser instruments in a collection, this means they stay in their cases for months at a time, briefly emerging for a dust off before being returned to their coffin. Problems tend to mount up, and they spend more and more time not doing what they were intended to do. This was the case for my Vox Phantom, which had dropped out of regular circulation, due to a sputtering pickup which I had no desire to fix when I could just play something else. Of course, that’s a problem that only the spoiled collector encounters, so during a moment of ethical crisis and sudden motivation, I decided to have a go at returing the Phantom to it’s full functioning glory.

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REVIEW: Axion Custom Works Bass 6 Strings



The Squier Bass VI is well documented as being one of the most interesting and infuriating instruments of the 21st century. You don’t have to search far online to find posts about struggles setting the intonation, fixing the rattling bridge and avoiding the spaghetti string low E. I’ve had my Bass VI for a little over a year now and my opinion changes on it all the time, depending when you ask me. Some days it’s the best guitar I own, some days it’s a useless piece of junk that I’m a click away from putting on eBay.

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REVIEW: Guild S-100 Polara

I was lucky enough to pinch a dream guitar of mine recently, thanks to a bit of luck with the ghastly Black Friday sales, which we all know are generally used for clearing dead stock under the guise of a rare bargain. Regardless of whether that’s completely true or not, someone saw fit to put this lovely Guild on sale and I snapped it up, clearly no better than everyone else who doesn’t practice what they preach. Anyway…

The S-100 has been in my mind for quite a while, ever since I saw this video, where Kim Thayil from Soundgarden details his love of the S-100, Guild’s South Korean-made, offset adaption of the Gibson SG frame. I’d been meaning to get my hands on an SG since I first started playing, but having tried out a few different Epiphone models, I’d never really found one that seemed right, so after becoming aware of Guild’s contribution, I thought this might be a solution in the future. Sadly, you don’t seem to find many Guild dealers in the UK, so I forgot about it until one popped up in the Black Friday sales, which brings us around to the present. Continue reading “REVIEW: Guild S-100 Polara”