REVIEW: Guild S-100 Polara

I was lucky enough to pinch a dream guitar of mine recently, thanks to a bit of luck with the ghastly Black Friday sales, which we all know are generally used for clearing dead stock under the guise of a rare bargain. Regardless of whether that’s completely true or not, someone saw fit to put this lovely Guild on sale and I snapped it up, clearly no better than everyone else who doesn’t practice what they preach. Anyway…

The S-100 has been in my mind for quite a while, ever since I saw this video, where Kim Thayil from Soundgarden details his love of the S-100, Guild’s South Korean-made, offset adaption of the Gibson SG frame. I’d been meaning to get my hands on an SG since I first started playing, but having tried out a few different Epiphone models, I’d never really found one that seemed right, so after becoming aware of Guild’s contribution, I thought this might be a solution in the future. Sadly, you don’t seem to find many Guild dealers in the UK, so I forgot about it until one popped up in the Black Friday sales, which brings us around to the present. Continue reading “REVIEW: Guild S-100 Polara”